678. Roller Skates / LA Roller Girls

Chet Faker Gold Video

Okay who doesn’t remember rolling skating at roller skating rinks growing up? There were the cool skate kids that could skate backwards. They had all the moves. I mean it was like disco on wheels. Imagine making a sequel to Saturday Night Fever but it would be called Saturday Night Fever: on Wheels, Part Deux. How would that be? John Travolta at age 67 wearing one of those fat Elvis jump suits all skating around and twisting and turning and boogying it up on the wooden waxed floor!! Don’t tell me that wouldn’t be a hit!! No, don’t tell me I said.

The Team of LA Roller Girls & Chet

So is this a post about how cool and good roller skates are and just sentimental memories of times growing up spent at the rink? Or a post about a super cool creative music video for Chet Faker’s song “Gold,” made at night on one of them there frontage or access roads with a camera rig hooked up to a car and three gals skating behind it doing cool roller moves that all seems to perfectly fit the mood of the music? So cool. Or did I just think these gals were super hot dance-skating on roller skates and wanted an excuse to write about them in a way that I don’t come across as a 50-something lecherous old man-child? Brent Musburger much?? Not a good look. Well the answers are probably yes, yes, and we’ll yeah I guess.

Roller Skate Skinny

The LA Roller Girls are out of the small SoCal village of Los Angeles, the City of Angels…. & the city of the Dodgers. Outside of that, that place isn’t really well-known. It’s a cool concept: The LA Roller Girls. They get hired out for public events, parties, parades, music videos, movies, NBA halftimes… and on top of it all also teach people to roller dance. Should a 50-something man try to take up such a hobby? Probably not but then practicing my moves on the Boise Greenbelt with my WiFi or Bluetooth (who really knows which) speaker and a back pack might be all shades of fun.

Monthly Workshops
LA Roller Girlz

So if you reside in that small burgh of LA-LA land. Yep I’m talking to you Luke Swinney and Landon Kelley, maybe post-Covid quarantine, lacing up the skates and learning some cool dank ass moves, might be something to think about. I mean cruising down Venice Beach, or the Hermosa Strand, boom box on the shoulder vibing some envious moves might just be the way to go.

Come on John Travolta lace up those skates, get with the LA Roller Girls and make that swan song of a sequel. Maybe grab Will Ferrell to co-star. It would be both adorable and HIIIIILLLLL-LA-LA-larious!!! Such goodness.

Oh wait Sandy from Grease already made their movie and with an ELO soundtrack— it royally sucked!!

Xanadu, Roller Skating

If there ever was a mess of a movie, Xanadu was it. What were they thinking???

The LA Roller Girls making roller skating cool again after the Director & Producers of Xanadu done gone and freaked that all up. Roller Skating & The LA Roller Girls, making roller skating cool again, one cool ass music video at a time. A good thing.

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