677. The Bright Light Social Hour

Getting to Know Revolution Thom & TBLSH

So what is this good thing all about? It’s about Texas. It’s about music. It’s all about four dudes that for the most part sound like they grew up North and West of Austin. Round Rock ‘burbia, Marble Falls, legit hill country zip, and maybe a couple other towns. What does it matter really where they are from? Well, when it’s a place that’s bigger and better than everywhere else (in each Texan’s mind that is), you know it’s going to be something special. And The Nois Bois of TBLSH got it going on. Just listen and read my friend, listen and read. Oh you may want to look as well as it tends to enhance the experience of whatever this thing is I & the original street racer boi, Z have been working on for a year, year and a half… Z&Me’s Good Things.

Laid Back Cool & Trippy

I’ve seen this band described as psychedelic rock. Well that label doesn’t do it justice. We, as people, use categorization as a way to provide order to a chaotic universe. Think about it? Would there be as much racism in America today without labels? Think about it. Transcend the need to label things and it can help you free up your mind to get away from unconscious biases, the biases you aren’t really even aware you hold. We all have them. There’s no shame in that game. But if I tell you this band is psychedelic rock, who comes to mind? Sure the Grateful Dead, maybe even Floyd, Jimi, Phish, and certainly a case could be made for Oklahoma’s own The Flaming Lips and we might as well toss in Tame Impala while we are there. Throw in TBLSH in that mix and you’ll think… hmmmm, something about them doesn’t quite belong in this group. Just like David S. Pumpkins, TBLSH is their own damn thing man!!!!

And They Have Senses of Humors as well and evidently traffic cone-sized genitalia
Fear the ‘Stache, Jackie O’ / Bass & Vocals

From the best I can tell the band consists of four dudes, Jackie O…Oh what?? O’Brien, Curtis Rod “Shreddie” Steiger Roush on of course the guitar & also vocals, Zac C killing it on the skins, and let’s not forget everyone’s fave Bright Lighter Eddie Braniff, Braillif. Let’s just suffice it to say these guys know their way around their instruments and the musicality is impressive. Mad skillz! Mad skllz!

So back to the music. From what I have heard so far. They have songs that fall squarely into the Prog scene, you know intricate instrumentation and precise and they’ll change the time signature on you because… well because they can damnit!!! Blues, smoky noir Texas dripping with pure Texas country alt rock, psychedelia… well just because it comes across as trippy sometimes, soaring guitars, jumping bass, smooth vocals… so good. And you don’t believe me on the prog thing?!!??!!?? Check it:

Catch one of their shows! Download their music, Spotify or Apple or Whatev’s. Or hell just follow them on YouTube and watch all the great music, listen to the interviews, all the stuff. Buy their merch. Now look at this shit.

The Bright Light Social Hour. A good thing.

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