679. Sunshine

Blister in the Sun

What is there to say about sunshine? It’s warm, often optimistic. Sometimes it’s blistering blatant heat. Lost in the middle of the desert, the killing son hovering above, it’s omnipotent. Outside of that, which is rare, it’s always hopeful. I mean when was the last time you were wandering the desert… you know like in a movie all parched and singed? I’m guessing that hasn’t happened for you lately, like never?

Keep On The Sunny Side

“We had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the son, but the hills that we climbed, were just seasons out of time.“ — Seasons in the Sun, Terry Jacks

And the rest of the song goes downhill from there, as you may very well know. Great freaking song, don’t get me wrong. But if we are focusing on good things, some sunshine-sounding maudlin 70’s pop song about a protagonist’s own eventual death and his singing voice in a death rattle singing out a tome to his best friend gal-intine… well that isn’t going to put us in that feel good mood, ya know what I’m saying? You feel me? Well don’t feel me ‘cuz that would just be all creepy-like.

You Are My Sunshine, Cash

What else I gotz to say about sunshine? We all have had it… you know… our seasons in the sun. When you think of sun, happy times is what I guess you are thinking about. Recollections of time spent in the sun are rarely attached to sad miserable memories. That’s what is optimistic and hopeful about that burning orb that travels through the sky like a sentinel to joy. It is spring here, although it still may snow. Even sunshine in the snow contains perhaps some of my fondest memories.

Sunny Afternoon, The Kinks

So many words, so many words. There comes a time when what is said has all been said, and it’s just time for reveling in the peace of silence, listening to the world’s inevitable hum. Next time find a place in the sun and take it all in, your skin warm in the receiving, your soul easy in the receding. Now forget about all these words and check it below. Images, that reek of sunshine or at least sunshine adjacent.

Sunshine from Boise to G-vine, to Flo Mo. From Idaho Falls to Korea. From Banff to Tehran. From Bangkok to all other places on the globe where the sun still shines. A good thing.

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