744. Comedy in Tough Times

Laughter is the Best Medicine??

Laughter is the best medicine. Or so they say. I’m pretty sure if you ask any drug rep from Pfizer or maybe Michael Jackson or Prince’s doctors (Elvis for that matter)… they’d say medicine is actually the best medicine. Look where it got those gifted people. Pretty much dead. So whadda we going to do about it? Laugh it off I say. We still have a president who is in his dying waning days of drunk power who just got his Twitter taken away. We have a country broken and divided. We have a Global pandemic that is still trying to make a last stand. Whadda gonna do? Laugh it off I say. Keep the jokes rolling until the world shows a little mercy.

Celia Pacquola

There’s a line from Neko Case, singer songwriter from the Seattle-Vancouver area, I love. It comes from her song Guided By Wire that says, “there was someone singing my life back to me.” And that’s the beauty of comedy when it works well. Observational comedy about everyday things, everyday struggles we all go though, exaggerated. And Australian Celia Pacquola does it well. Quite well.

I’ve been to a psychic. I don’t know why I get SO much judgment about it. I mean, I don’t judge religious people. You might like to listen to a man talk about a man in the sky, I’d rather listen to a woman in a purple dress talk about me for half an hour. – Celia

Demetri Martin

I don’t know why but the comedians I tend to be drawn to are very forthright women or super funny quirky men. It’s odd I know but that’s what I find most funny. And you don’t get more quirky in an intellectual way than Demetri Martin. Here’s some stuff on who he is:

Martin was born into a Greek-American family in New York City on May 25, 1973, the son of Lillian (1951–2019) and Greek Orthodox priest Dean C. Martin (1948–1994).[4][5] He grew up in Toms River, New Jersey, and has a younger brother named Spyro and a younger sister named Christene. As a teenager, he worked at his family’s diner near the Jersey Shore. He attended Toms River High School North and graduated in 1991.

Martin graduated from Yale University in 1995 with a B.A in History. During his time there, he wrote a 224-word poem as a project for a fractal geometry class, which became a well-known palindromic poem. He was also a member of the Anti-Gravity Society, whose members juggle objects on Sunday evenings on Yale’s Old Campus.

Although Martin was admitted to Harvard Law School, he decided to attend New York University School of Law upon receiving a full scholarship.[12] Martin withdrew from law school before the start of his final year, opting to pursue comedy over obtaining his Juris Doctor degree.

Interesting right?

Ilana Glazer

And back to the funny women. For some reason Jewish women are absolutely killing it in comedy. Sarah Silverman, The Marvelous Miss Maisel, Ilana Glazer, Niki Glazer for that matter. Absolutely slaying it.

It’s not easy to cut and part comedy quotes on here. They don’t want to give you the words, only the URL reference. Such is life. But go watch Broad City or one of Glazer’s comedy specials. You want regret it. Since life is weird, here is something about Glazer’s life:

Glazer is the daughter of Sandi (née Wexler) and Larry Glazer, who both work in insurance and finance. She grew up in an Eastern European Jewish family[6] in Suffolk County, New York, practicing Reform Judaism.

The Great & Late Mitch Hedberg

And another Jewish Comedian. The artist soul who does too soon. I saw him in Sacramento and he talked the whole time with his eyes closed behind Rose colored glasses. The quirky one-liners in the vein of Stephen Wright kept coming and it was a thing… Why didn’t I think of saying that? So unique, so quirky, so brilliantly funny.

And that’s a wrap. Just an effort to share with y’all some shit I find genuinely funny. And it’s a balm to my soul during these times. A good thing. Indeed.

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