743. Grapevine Lake

Sarah Swinney’s Recent G-Vine Lake Perspective

Grapevine Lake. Sure it might not be the most picturesque body of water but so much has happened in and around that lake. We have grown up there, on the shores and in it. Hit home runs, struck out the side, scored goals, won & lost. And what it once was, basically wild unkept campgrounds… and when I mean wild, not wild like nature and wildlife, but AC/DC bonfires and knife fights in the campgrounds and cops showing up at 1 in the am to break it up wild. It is relatively peaceful now.

Grapevine Lake

And a weekend 4th of July camping wouldn’t be complete without a swim or two out to the island.

Grapevine Lake Island

There’s carp, crappie, catfish, and plenty of bass to catch. Swimming, skiing, sailing, plenty of sun to be had and a sure way to cool off from the North Texas Heat. It may not be the most beautiful but it’s full of memories and new memories to be made.

Grapevine Lake. A good thing.

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