745. Jimmy Stewart

The Great Jimmy Stewart, Liberty Valance

Three fave actors of all times? Easy. Jimmy Stewart numero uno, John Cusack a close second, and then in a very distant third, Zach Braff. Some of my all time favorite movies star Mr. Stewart: “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and “Rear Window.” Hard to argue with that body of work being great and with Mr. Jimmy that’s just the very tip of the iceberg.

Steaming it up with Donna Reed

And let’s just add in a decorated WWII flyer that trained in Boise, Idaho at Gowan Field on top of it all. A lowly Lt, maybe Captain Stewart? Yes at one time but try Retired Brigadier General Stewart flying 20 combat missions in B-24’s. And if you know the history of that conflict and bombers in that war, those weren’t milk runs Yossarian!!

Jimmy Stewart, USAF

Try a dramatic actor in one of the scariest thrillers of all times, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, co-starring with the incomparable Grace Kelly? Check!

Rear Window

How about a Wild West mild mannered shop keeper alongside John Wayne? Now who actually shot Liberty Valance??

Stewart and Wayne Shooting it Up!!

It’s no doubt that Jimmy Stewart was an American Icon and International Treasure. Old Hollywood’s true leading man, a precursor to Tom Hanks.

Jimmy Stewart, the penultimate good thing. And that’s not hyperbole folks. It’s just the facts!!

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