766. Half-frozen Rivers

North Fork of the Payette

There’s a drive between Boise, Idaho that if you take it at the right time, you’ll be forever grateful you did. If it’s timed right you can get a drive free of snow, relatively free of traffic and this beautiful mountain river opens up to you at every turn. Your windshield is filled with snow and ice and flowing crystal blue water tumbling over frozen rocks. It’s sublime. And if your lucky like I was recently you may see deer and even an errant mountain lion waiting patiently for you to pass so he can cross the road. No kidding!!! The first wild cougar I’ve ever seen in 52 years. That’s a big deal.

Payette River Drainage

Half frozen rivers in the dead of winter is something to behold. You owe it to yourself at least once in life to experience it. It’s unreal on the beauty scale.

Watch this Ma Swinn

I mean just check it below. It’s cool. Cold you might say.

Before you Go, Ya gotta listen to this river song by Joni Mitchell

Why are you still reading this? Find yourself a half-frozen river to marvel at. Go on. A good thing.

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