767. Free Will. The Choice?

Free Will. We love it for ourselves. We sometimes regret it in others. Funny when you do a search on the “Googles,” for “free will art,” you get all sorts of artistic visions of what free will means. And not all of it is bright and shiny. Some seem to depict that there’s free will but only limited choices…so is it really free will? Some depict a darker side to free will and their take seems to say… “sure, you can choose, but you also live with those choices. And the consequences of those choices and free will can become a prison of sorts. What does the greatest prog rock band of all times in like the history of ever have to say on the subject you very may well ask? Don’t Rush to judgement here.

Listen Up People
Which one will the crow choose?

Five dots gather round,

As five thoughts in the gathering sound,

Of silent crows’ caws in the circling pull,

Of five paths drawn in the wanting lull,

Frozen in the thoughts of the artist mind,

Is free will freedom of a darker kind?

The darkened cloud above the ocean floor,

Swarms with flashes of fish in a clouded storm,

The golden man pauses far from a distant shore,

As he decides his fate underneath the gathering swarm.

The child wants of playful things,

So many float above in the wanting moon,

As the earth dissolves time, the pull of future sings,

The expanse of growth inside the shrinking room.

Pinocchio, a puppet hung by strings,

Geppeto, a man caught in the choices that life brings,

Free will is mine in the hush of fickle days,

As the skies clear, the puppet jerks, in hopeful ways.

Free will, a tricky, but ultimately hopeful good thing.

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