776. The Art of Happiness: Finland

Finnish Art

Today we are going to get arty up in here, Finnish style and it’s based on a theory, a concept that might be a stretch but let’s see where we go with this. This just got INTERESTING!!! Finland, what do we know about that country and it’s people? Well, it’s supposed to be cold AF!!! And it’s people, it’s citizenry, are, comparatively, supposed to be blissfully happy. Finland makes all the lists of the world’s happiest places, happiest culture. Go on Google that and you’ll find that the internets rarely lie. Is that level of ecstasy reflected in its art?? Let’s see shall we?

Okay, on the surface this looks happy enough. The world’s longest bridge design, art photography, and multiple exposure photography black and white, mixing in a portrait with nature right in her hair. That seems pretty happy right there. Constant themes are a lack of color, nature interspersed with the personal. What about music and comedy?

The Music of Jannika B.
Apocalyptica, Nothing Else Matters
SompaSauna, Helsinki

Let’s not get distracted with Finnish Body positivity shall we. Are the Finnish funny when they are dealing with all their blissful cold as shit happiness? Which American comedian looks like an elderly Finnish woman?

Conan O’Brien is really a Finnish Woman
ISMO breaking down the Booty

What have we learned here today? The Fins don’t mind getting nekke in public places, they make fun of English, they are an arty people and overall they’ve found the secret to the art of being happy. Let’s close this out with some more Finnish art and portraits of their artist shall we?

Finland. A happy country filled with happy art. A good thing.

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