777. A Spirit of Gratitude


Gratitude. Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo gets it. Thankfulness is a muscle to be exercised. Lose your path. Lose your way, along the way, get stuck. Chances are that you’ve lost your path of gratitude. How to get that back?

Now is that gratitude?
Or is it really love?
Some kind of reality,
That fits just like a glove?
Now is that gratitude
For everything I’ve done?
Or is it something else
That’s got me on the run…?
In the middle of a big tornado,
On the tip of everyone’s tongue…
In the belly of a giant whale,
All the girls just want to have fun.

In the look of a frightened neighbor,
In a big warm bed at night,
In a broken elevator,
In the teeth of a dog that bites.
In the middle of a revolution,
In the look of a child’s face,
In the silence of the dinner table,
In the stillness of disgrace.
Now is that gratitude?

Now is that gratitude? Maybe Danny was thinking something differently? Maybe he was confused and or maybe he just wanted to write and perform a cool 80’s era song? For that I’m thinking you have to be grateful. Not everyone has those gifts.

Adam Yauch & Gratitude

Good times gone, and you missed them
What’s gone wrong in your system?
Things they bounce like a Spaulding
What’d you think, did you miss your calling?
It’s so free, this kind of feeling
It’s like life, it’s so appealing
When you’ve got so much to say it’s called gratitude
And that’s right.

Good times gone but you feed it
Hate’s grown strong, you feel you need it
Just one thing, do you know you?
What you think, that the world owes you?
What’s gonna set you free?
Look inside and you’ll see
When you’ve got so much to say it’s called gratitude
And that’s right.

Maybe the French were onto to something. Stop for a bit and look around. Access your memory or just stop, take pause, look around your life. What do you have that you are grateful for. Take a moment and don’t focus on what you don’t have, what you still want to achieve. Leave that for another day. In the moment only let flow through you those things you see and have, that bring out your grateful spirit. Gratitude is a muscle of the heart that must be practiced. Do it. Gratitude, a good thing.

Natalie gets it. Kindness & Generosity. Gratitude.

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