798. The Z Part of Z&Me

He so Fly

Z&Me & our good things. He was, & is, the inspiration for visiting all these words in a seemingly random style upon you each & every day. That’s the intent. I take a day and think of something I like, something that brings me some semblance of joy in a very very dark and joyless year. The next day he does the same and I write about it, find a few pics, some videos, songs, you know the drill.

Z is so Idaho and then again he’s Z. And those are very very good things. A state and a young adult. Both surprise you with their many layers, new discoveries. Just this past weekend I understood the depth of Z’s knowledge of turbo automotive engines. Truly fascinating his understanding of the technology behind it. Much respect.

Here watch this: https://youtu.be/lrCwmpjR77U

Cool Turbo cars:

I can recall being 16. I liked cool cars at that time but cool fighter jets and performance military aircraft, and historical military aircraft… more my thing. But we have meaningful times, very meaningful times up in the mountains. Sawtooth Peak, Jughandle, Blue Bunch, etc.

And there is peace to be had there.

We also road-tripped it to Vegas & that’s a separate story for a separate day. For now suffice it say we bond.

Boy can Scoot
Double Black Diamond, Z Me? Who?

This boy amazes me. It’s obvious all the loves. A kindred spirit, a younger born. It’s ridiculous to compare love. Each one is so unique.

Z, son, thanks for to journey of the dash. Because that right there, the dash, makes all the difference. Live it to the lees son. Love. Peace. Peace out.

A truly good thang.

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