799. Brothers(z) & CRS

The Salty Cowboys??

Who are these fool ass kidz??!!?? And who they kidding, so ‘burb & all trying to pull off the Urban Cowboy look? Well that dude on your left as you see the picture (to the right of me) is the funnier-wittier of the Bluebonnet Drive Swinney boyz… the pudgy cheeked one on your right? Well, that’s me. Together, they are brothers.

The artist formerly & still known as CRS

Well who that be above? Well, that’s Connor freaking R Swinney!! Z’s Bro, my son. And the day will come when Z gets featured as the Good Thing as well. The day will come soon friends. But today is C’s day. As of today at 10:26 in the a.m. C is a fully formed man, legally an adult! Holy St. Elias, where did all the time go??


Brotherz! It is my hope that C & Z have the same lifelong bond that The Salty One, Ben & I have. I’ve called him, the older bro, the Icebreaker. Not the IceMan because he ain’t all that & a bag of biscuits! I doubt he’d win in a V-ball match with Maverick. I mean not even close.

Who do you love?? Of the above?? Equal but uniquely different, each boy. But who do you really love the most? This always seems to be the question of the younger-Borns to parents. And why is it so important… to those pesky attention-craving thirsty as a cougar at a Magic Mike show younger-Borns? Cougar at a magic Mike show? I meant to say a mountain lion at a dried up old stream show. Get your damn minds outta the gutter!! Come on Man!!

Brothers In Arms??

Let’s search for an answer in literature shall we??

East of Eden is a story of a family in Salinas Cali. Near to Gilroy’s garlic. The land, in the right places, is super fertile. Two brothers let’s call them Cain & Abel. The younger one craves attention and love from their absent mother. But the older one not so much. We are going to get all Freudian up in here. Just grab that whopper cushion so strategically placed on the leather couch where you long to lay & just talk talk talk. It’s fairly universal that the older-Borns receive more attention and doting and helicoptering-parenting compared to all their younger born sibs. So don’t be surprised when your older born doesn’t crave attention and seek out to be a stand-up comedian, rock and roll star, etc. They will act out a life-long drive to make people laugh, to get attention, to ask such silly questions like who do you love more… or so my pseudo-armchair-psycho-babble theory goes. Believe it? Well for every theoretical model there are exceptions to the rule but seek to know brothers well & see if this doesn’t ring true more often than not.

This book by Stephen Ambrose is a great read just like Saving Private Ryan is a great movie. Are younger soldiers more attention-seeking than their older-wiser platoon sergeants and officers? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not? I haven’t thought about that since now.

Do brothers have to be blood related? No, no they do not.

Painted by an Attention-Craved younger born after seeing the movie “Ben.” You know like Michael Jackson’s rat?

What does “A Man of Constant Sorrow” by Dan Timinski’s Soggy Bottom Boys have to do with brothers?

Click Here Ma Swinn

I’m not sure it does actually. So what’s the point? The point is Happy B-Day to you Connor R.S!!! You are amazing. At music… I’ll give you that… but I can still beat you in a push fight on a slippery floor with socks on. It’s physics. Look it up. Z I love you as well equally much but it’s different. You are your own person and I love you too… so much so that you’ll never know. And you out there reading these words, download some of Connor’s songs. I highly recommend “Leaving.” And brothers are brothers forever through thick and thin, blood & roses, and peace and war. We had a civil war where family members tried to shoot each other, let’s not let that happen again from November 3rd to January first in our crest country again. Hmmmmm… Believe in the constitution and follow those laws and no one will get hurt and we’ll all live to see a brighter day.

All good things!!

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