797. Born in the USA / Showing Up

Born in San Angelo. Top Jimmy Swag

The World is Run by Those Who Show Up

As seen on a bumper sticker

In Case of Rapture, This Car Will Be Abandoned

Also as seen on a bumper sticker
Born in The USA

I’m a Centrist. Fiscally Conservative. Small percentage Chickasaw. Larger percentage Irish-American. Retired military. Texan ex-Pat Idahoan. Your friendly Community College dude. Father. Son. Brother. More a lover than a fighter. 100% believer in the constitution as a means to provide, if followed, a peaceful transfer of power, or if the people of America have their say, in the continuance of power. I respect the voice of the “Other.”

Union Suffragette Leader, Annie Kenny

Usually I’ll bury the lead way deep in the Daily Z&Me good things. It’s the way I think & consequently the way I write. I usually don’t know what I’m actually trying to say until I stream of consciousness style ramble and meander and finally get to the freaking point. People don’t have the patience for that so I’m always amazed when folks get to the end and actually have read my daily verbal diarrhea of a post. Maybe it’s the Irish-American. Pretty sure the Native American side would just say it, right up front where it matters. What’s the point??

The point is for all of us on this day where it feels like our country is at a pivotal junction, to vote. If you feel like your vote doesn’t matter because you live in a red state and you plan to cast a blue vote…. it does. I’ll fight ya!! But I’m a lover not a fighter so I’ll talk with ya to try to understand why you feel that way… and try hard not to convince you to vote. People, on any given day, have their reasons for their actions. So I respect that.

Satire is so easily misunderstood. If sarcasm is your love language, you’ll get it. I love satire, like Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Because if a situation is Toxic, the way I can gain power over that headspace is to find a way to laugh at it. This passive-aggressive approach can seem like an innocuous way to speak your truth. And when done well, it’s pretty freaking funny!! At least to me. If I can laugh, I’ll feel better about the inconvenient truths that sometimes life throws at you. Laughter makes the pain & suffering reside.

So what’s the point?? There must be a point. Well there’s been several. Get out the vote. Respect the voice of the “other.” Seek first to understand, before seeking to be understood. Top Jimmy Swag and the Vietnam War and the Boss’ war protest song and anthem to America Born in the USA. If you want to run the world, show up. And everyone wants to rule the world… so says Tears. In a true democracy which would be too chaotic and anarchic in my mind to do any of us any good, everyone does rule the country. In a representative democracy, the system, if followed, will work. So have trust, faith in peace, love, and understanding and hope the two individuals who are up for the Presidential seat in our elections today will hold these core values to be truthful and self-evident. If they don’t, shit can go South real freaking quick. I don’t think it will come to that. I think there will be some deaths in between November 3rd and maybe next summer. The country is tense, a general malaise, a cancer within our souls. Our choices today, a lover, and a fighter. Which one to you self-identify with??? Choose wisely and whatevs that choice, I’ll respect and listen and not whine if my candidate of choice doesn’t win. And I’ll probably make some sarcastic jokes about the Great Orange Leader the next 4 years… but my daily life won’t change all that much. I have thought America was great all along. And just because I don’t like what our country has become the last four years, toxic, an empire declined, doesn’t mean I’m right. Vote. Have your voice. America. All good things. In the end.

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