826. Freak Alley

Boise’s Freak Alley

There’s a city in the Pacific Northwest off the beaten path, an oasis between Salt Lake City and Portland and Seattle. It has the spirit of your favorite small town but has deep and rich culture. It’s highly improbable and if it wasn’t for blue turf and it’s Bronco’s it will remain the butt of late night jokes when referring to an American City that is BFE & backwards. Maybe that’s the way we like it so the hordes won’t move here if they believed it was a paradise on earth with unmatched quality of life for its resident citizens.

And folks might not think of Boise as a center of art and culture but they’d be wrong to think so. Exhibit A. Freak Alley. It’s an alley that whomever in the city is responsible for such things said… okay Boise artists give it your best treatment, paint away. There are businesses and restaurants near there and they must be glad for the foot traffic the murals bring in.

So it’s definitely a magical place for those who love such things, arty, funky, freaky, eclecitc, gritty, shit that people like me are drawn to. You get it. Boise’s Freak Alley, a good thing. Peace & public art peoples!!

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