827. Maslow

Abraham Maslow

Maslow was no square mind you… but a triangle? Hand it to Father Abraham to come up with a life theory to explain away our motivations throughout life, to point out our first world problems and third world realities, all in a simple graphic!!

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Now watch this real quick about one of my favorite movies, The Lion King.

Where are you today? Maybe you are going through some love/belonging issues all the while attempting to do the tough self-work to self-actualize. That’s not easy my friend but just know I’m right there with you… in the thick of it. Chances are if you are my friend on FB or reading this, the lower rung Maslow’s needs have been met in your life and they have been for a long long time. The days & nights are short and that dash between birth and death is getting shorter. Check Maslow’s hierarchy and ask yourself what is holding you back? Then strip away those things with reckless abandon because…

“Pray your Gods who ask you for your blood,
For they are strong and angry jealous ones,
Or lay upon my altar now your love.
I fear my time is short,
There are armies moving close,
Be quick, my love.” —-TTWS

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