879. Kyle

The Rapper

Who is Kyle & why is he a good thing? He is a rapper straight outta Ventura. Unlike some other Mumble Rappers or Acid Rappers featured in the good things, Kyle has a clean-ish look. And he is just named Kyle. I like that naming right there!! He isn’t Lil’ something. He isn’t a Slump God. He isn’t a Chief. He is just Kyle. Noice!!!

I Spy Kyle

And his real name is actually Kyle, Kyle Thomas Harvey born in ‘93. He’s a young ‘un, he is.

Doubt It

Kyle Harvey was born in the Reseda neighborhood of Los Angeles, to a single mother, in a home of eight family members and two siblings. He grew up one hour away in Ventura, California. He stated that he has a speech impediment and that during his youth he was bullied because of it. Kyle attended Ventura High School and regularly took part in drama classes which helped his confidence largely.

Kyle, Just Kyle

He started singing at the age of six and was writing and performing his own songs by elementary school. Harvey started rapping when he was about 13 years old and began recording music after hearing Kid Cudi‘s Man on the Moon. Harvey’s first songs were recorded on PreSonus’ Studio Onerecording software using his aunt’s computer while in high school.

A good thing.

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