870. The Bugle

The Funniest Podcast Around

John Oliver & Andy Zaltzman are your hosts and hang on for the ride. Imagine SNL’s Weekend Update mixed in with Monty Python & toss in a little bit of The Onion and you’ve got The Bugle, an audio podcast for a visual world.

John & Andy

What’s so great about The Bugle? Bundle up the latest in current news and just plaster that with one-liners quick-witted skits that just makes fun of anything and everything & that’s the magic sauce that John & Andy mix up. As comedians I’ve really never heard of these guys. Maybe they are huge in the UK, I don’t know?

The Bugle

Their episodes go way back so if you start binge listening it will take a while to get through the catalog. During these COVID times everyone might be looking for a bit of escapism with all the extra time on your hands & needed to disappear from the daily depressing news with one of the ugliest national elections coming up at the tail end of race relations gone way south, well I look at a way to laugh. After consuming anything to binge watch on Netflix & Hulu, what else is there? Podcasts my friends, podcasts.

Make Fun of Absolutely Everything

Here’s a small taste of the satire The Bugle has to dish:

“Are you telling me that in Britain, in the 21st century, you’re not allowed to bang your own bicycle?” – John

“…I believe it’s my patriotic duty to slightly fancy the queen… there is something about a woman on a ten pound note, or any bank note, and I feel the same about Florence Nightingale. …I apologise to all royalists, but I maintain Nightingale was a hotty.”

“Cranberry sauce alone … contributes half of the carbon footprint related to transport. And so, to combat that, Andy, I’m offering to smuggle your cranberry sauce this year about my person.” – John

“If you’re Obama, Andy – and I know you’re the first to admit you’re not – then it’s impossible to interpret this as anything other than a slap to the face, a kick to the balls, and an entirely unnecessary tweak to the left nipple.” – John on Massachusetts electing Republican Scott Brown to the Senate. 

“I’m sorry you don’t agree with our healthcare platform, and I’m even sorrier that your mother’s sexually transmitted diseases will now go untreated. BOOM!” – John

The Bugle Skirt

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