954. Jenny Slate

Comedian Jenny Slate

Let’s just put it out there, Jewish Female Comedians are killing it. Sarah Silverman, Iliza Shlesinger, Whitney Cummings. And then there’s the fictional Jewish Female comedian of The Marvelous Miss Maisel. And of course there’s the great female Jewish Comedians that paved the way, Gilda Ratner, Joan Rivers, and Fanny Brice, the Original Funny Girl.

And then there’s Jenny Slate. Granted she plays the incredibly annoying character on Parks and Rec, Jean Rafio’s out of control wild child sister, Mona Lisa Saperstein. She is funny but her character is so over the top, kinda of like the Office’s Packard character, too much extra, but stick with Slate because she is super funny.

Parks and Rec and Jenny Slate’s Part in it All

Where I took notice was Slate’s stand-up special called, “Stage Fright,” on Netflix. Her self-confessional humor is extremely vulnerable but her telling of her two grandmother’s, her haunted house, daring to wake her Mom up for middle of the night emergencies, working out while stoned, and trying to achieve an O solo while depressed and staying at her parent’s house as an adult are freaking comedy gold.

Jenny Slate’s Stage Fright

You owe it to yourself in these times to find something to laugh about. Jenny Slate will definitely do it. Then move on to Sarah Silverman and just keep laughing. She got fired from a short season on Saturday Night Live for cussing live and has lived to tell the tale. Jenny Slate.

Jenny Slate Talks
The Voice of Marcel The Shell
Slate’s Marcel The Shell

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