955. Photography

Boise Freak Alley

The advent of the smart phone camera did it, it made photographers out of all of us. Now we can search out scenes, feel like we are being creative, to search for that right angle, that right time of day lighting. Nat Geo or BAMA at least will soon come calling. That’s not Roll Tide Roll Bama… that’s the Boise Art Museum Arsehole. I jest. The fact being that I mostly just get up real close to things and select the focus & the camera does the rest. It’s a fun accessible hobby. So here’s some of my fave-ish photos with clickable links underneath that may be related, maybe not.

Shaffer’s Butte Bogus Sunrise
Ghosts Roam Savannah, GA
Brit Daniels of Spoon
Sawtooths Idaho, The Fave Place of All
Thailand Mountain Face
Frozen in Time
Thai Monkey Art

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