953. Honeycomb Cereal Box Records

Cereal Box Records

Honeycomb Cereal made by Post. That cereal may still be around today, I don’t know, but it was truly terrible. I’m not sure anyone liked it. All the same, we’d ask for it and have Ma Swinn buy Honeycombs just to get at those records on the back. You’d go home, dump all the terribly disgusting Honeycomb cereal into a bowl, just to cut out the box along the dotted line, ahhhh… the record. Punch out the hole in the middle, go back to your room sit…and spin. Spin, spin, spin, spin the red circle. While you were listening to the Monkees, Super Scary Stories, or the Archies, you’d jam your cares away all the while hoping Bro Ben will eat up those putrid morsels of Honeycombs. That way you could return to the store to get the next record.

A Monkey Pitching for the Monkees, Makes Sense

I can’t say those cereal box records would last too long, I mean they were mounted on card board and probably didn’t even have songs that you’d want to hear again and again. But that just didn’t matter, did it!!!! I mean records from cereal boxes?? Just the possibility that something existed like that, the technology, oh the marketing brilliance. I lost my freaking kiddie mind over those cereal box records. How is it even possible? This, from all the things out there, I feel is evidence of the existence of God. On the 7th Day God rested… and while he wasn’t looking, someone created cereal box records. God bless that person. God Bless Him (or Her).

Sugar-Frosted Kiss Krunch

How in the HELL did I miss this??? Sugar-frosted Kiss Krunch?? I mean, how many good things can you mix all up together and not have to sign a deal with the devil to partake of?? An actual cereal that kids would eat (and love) and an actual record you’d feel cool listening to… and on top of it all, it’s called “KISS KRUNCH,” with Krunch not even spelled correctly. My brain… just… might…. explode!

Vinyl, The Millennial Hipsters Thing

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