569. The Church of San Giovanni Battista

Mogno, Switzerland

This beautiful cathedral was designed by Swiss Architect Mario Botta. The gray and white lines are created from alternating slabs of granite and marble quarried from the valley that the village of Mogno lies in.

The chapel was built from 1992 – 1996 on the site of the previous 17th century chapel that was destroyed by an avalanche in 1986. The new structure is both stout, resilient, and beautifully elegant.

The structure is built around a cylinder that is diagonally dissected creating a giant sunroof spilling in daylight to highlight the interesting gray and white patterns inside.

San Giovanni Battista

They were able to salvage two of the original 17th century chapel bells and house them proudly in the new structure. The modern structure stands out in contrary to the traditional Swiss houses of the village of Mogno. A truly unique building and design.

A beautiful and good thing.

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