568. The Cardinal

The Cardinal

Out of all the birds in the bird world, there’s something magical about the Cardinal. Living in Idaho we don’t get Cardinals in these parts so when I see one in Texas, Tennessee, or North Carolina… it’s something indeed. The Cardinal is an elegant bird.

Everyone wants to rule the world and also everyone wants to claim the Cardinal as their state bird…. at least 7 States that is!! Here’s some other stuff about the Cardinal:

Contradictory to many other songbirds, Northern Cardinals are mostly a non-migratory species, opting to overwinter in their chosen spring/summer habitat.

Many migratory birds move to warmer climates in the winter as they depend on insects or fruit for sustenance and their food supply drops in the colder, winter months. The diet of Northern Cardinals consists mainly of seeds and nuts, allowing them to forage for food year round.

Occasionally, a lack of the typical red pigment in the plumage occurs and is replaced by vibrant yellow or orangish pigments, which results in a yellow cardinal. The appearance of vibrant yellow Northern Cardinals is typically caused by a genetic plumage variation called xanthochroism.

It’s incredibly rare to see a yellow cardinal, but when it happens, it becomes a national news story for bird lovers!

Go find you a Cardinal. Tell ‘em you think they are cool.

And a good thing of course.

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