590. The Pioneer Cabin

The Pioneer Cabin, The Pioneers, Idaho

This is unique. Built in 1935 by the Sun Valley Ski Club as a winter back country ski hut, it is now open to the public to drop in stay overnight, amid some of the most beautiful mountains Idaho has to offer— The Pioneers.

The Devil’s Bedstead East

The Pioneer Cabin sits on a ridge with Handwerk Peak right in your face. To the North is Salzberger Spitzl, to the southeast is Hyndman and Old Hyndman Peak. Somewhere to the northwest is Phi Kappa, which is the objective for tomorrow. I’ll leave getting to the Pioneer Cabin for another trip, another trip to tackle the Spitzl. And you might as well throw in Goat while you are at it.

The Higher You Get, The Higher You Get

Here’s a little excerpt from the US Forest Service, yours and my tax dollars at work:

Pioneer Cabin, nestled high in the Pioneer Mountains, is an enduring legacy to Sun Valley’s storied past. Built by Union Pacific Railroad as a ski hut in 1937, the cabin still provides shelter for spring skiers and a popular lunch spot for summer hikers. Perched at 9,400 feet, the cabins front steps offer breathtaking views of the Pioneer Mountains. The cabin can be accessed from the Pioneer Cabin Trail or from the North Fork Hyndman Creek Trail. Both trails involve somewhat strenuous climbs. Wildlife viewing is great, particularly for elk.

But it wouldn’t be what it is without the mountains around in. There’s been talk for awhile of making the Pioneers into a National Recreation Area similar to the Sawtooths/White Clouds, but I say just leave it as it is man!

Here’s one of the routes should you ever want to do it, and the AllTrails Link
Phi Kappa

At just 10,516 feet, Phi Kappa might get lost among all the other dramatics 11’ers & the Grandaddy 12’er Hyndman but it’s just 2.75 miles in and a little less back, there’s a trail for an approach and evidently a cake walk to get on top. That’s the plan for tomorrow.

Phi Kappa Walk in the Park

To get lost from society and finding yourself in the middle of mountains like the Pioneers in Idaho. Not sure it gets too much better than that. And you can have a free cabin to stay to boot.

So good.

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