589. Marilyn’s Mugz

Somewhere in a Java Coffeehouse, Twin Falls, ID

Everyone knows Marilyn Monroe but did everyone know that Marilyn possessed an awesome set of Mugz???

Coffee Mugz, it’s a private secret that Marilyn before she was mercilessly assassinated by the Kennedy’s ;0)… had her coffee mug set she collected and was super proud of. She had two Mugz she was especially proud of and when people would come over to visit, or at parties… or photoshoots, she would display her huge Mugz for everyone to see!! She was quite proud of her Mugz!!

Marilyn’s Mugz!!… we’ll just one mug, the left one… well the one to her bodies left.

But kudos to the sense of humor of the coffeehouse girlz of Java Coffeehouse, Twin as in Fallz… for having this painting of Marilyn up in the coffee house and then placing a Java mug in place of an exposed breast. Because it’s Twin, it’s all food manufacturing, farming, ranching, Idaho Cowboy and Cowgirl shit down here. It’s a great little town and great little Idaho community. The nicest people you’d ever hope to meet.

One time Marilyn broke both her Mugz… and then there was this…

Marilyn’s Mugz!!

So in the interest of prurient decency everywhere, hats off… but shirts on people to Marilyn’s Mugz!!!

Marilyn Interview

…and to the good humor of the Twin Java House galz and their strategic placement of Marilyn’s Mugz!!

Good thing?? Good Mugz!! Just good funnies ;0).


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