638. Breaking Down but not Breaking Bad or Badly…NOT broken… & California Love

Resiliency and This Tree Ain’t Broken

Granted, I have a certain style of writing. I like to think of it as a “Voice.” Some people like it… well, let me correct that… only really my Mother likes the way I write. I could write a version of “Roses Are Red…,” change a few words here and there and make sure it rhymes, & Sarah Elizabeth Johnson-Swinney would say…. “Oh Marc Alan, that writing right there is just very bit as good as Walt Whitman or Robert Frost.” It’s a Thang.

So my voice, on the good things, is rambling, tangential, explore a bunch of seemingly random topics… before finally driving to the point, what I’m trying to communicate to ya’ll… in the very last paragraph. Oh yeah, there, is, also, a bunch, of random commas, and BS punctuation marks thrown in… to make it conversational. I don’t know all the grammar rulez, like some of y’all who actually read these mountains of words I spew forth… I know it drives you rule-following grammarians nearly bat-shit crazy… but I must stick to my voice. If you feel like you are breaking from an adventure, journey, plight in life…. well some days, that voice might be all you cling to.

I simply used the “Googles,” to search for “resiliency, fine art photography,” and got mostly tree images and this above. I’ve moved into a new home… yay!!! The pups just last night decided to christen the new home with what I could only describe as caninus familiarus defecation & urination!!! Yep that happened. Breaking down… but not broken!! Resiliency.

Hi I am Karen. I work in marketing Bi-otchez!!! I’m resilient AF!!
Hi, by appearances I have physical beauty. But I’ve been through the Shitz…. & I’m resilient AF!!!
Hi, My Name is Mortimer!! I’ve overcome some bad shi-ite so I could afford these cool-ass glasses. Resilient AF!!!
We are diverse AF. We are young… and resilient AF!!!
Appearances and unconscious biases might be deceiving. We too are strong and resilient AF!!!!

Now listen to this… Breaking Benjamin. Intermission for an appreciation of the finer things in life. Face melting music home Boyz…. and Gurlz!!!! Okay so this selection is ballad style and not really my style but stayed tuned later in this for some really good Breaking Banjamin.

Lacey Strum
Benjamin Burnley

Love and Dear Agony. Joy and Pain…. pump it up, pump it up… sunshine and rain!!! Breaking Benjamin pairing up with the screaming power banshee voice of former Flyleaf front woman. And if you don’t think that tiny woman can out scream-o you Mr. Breaking Benjamin, you’d be wrong!! One of my fave voices in alterna-rock Lacey Strum. Woman had pipes for dayz!!!

Why they so Polyamorous!?? That shit don’t work!
Lacey Strum and Flyleaf Monkey-ing Down With the Sickness!!!

So no worries here my friends… I’ve got two pupz for company, two sons for unconditional love, a Momz, and a Bro…. also about 6-9 bro best friends to add to that mix. So many good friends throughout life, it’s hard to count. I have all I need…. and I know, because Michael Stipe told me…

Another chance has been engaged,
To throw Thoreau and rearrange.
You are following this time,
I beg you not, beg to rhyme.

Your finest hour,
(Oh) Your finest hour!

Take your instinct by the reins,
You’re better best to rearrange!
What we want and what we need,
Has been confused, been confused!

— The Finest Worksong, R.E.M.

So in conclusion, it may seem that my body is breaking down to others and family & friends who know me well, may be concerned…. but as JFK or FDR or whatev’s said… “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” And that still rings true for me personally and for our bifurcated country politically. We got this. I ain’t broken not will I become broken. So all y’all…. just chill man, chill. Hey chica… chill baby girl… just chill. You Trump’ers and you Biden-heads…. chill, man, chill.

And all y’all Texans and Idahoans alike, give all your California new neighbors some love just like they loved some elements of the home country they just left behind. Peace, love, harmony, happiness and all that. And Elvis said there ain’t nothing funny about that. But Mr. Costello I got some comedy bits and I’m willing to bet son… you’ll be laughing at some jokes as told by a still unbroken man.

Love, Peace. Good.

Peace out!!

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