637. Street & Racing Technology (SRT) / Lil’ Bit Dodgey

The Dodge Something SRT

Okay something about being aged 16 – 24 leaves one transfixed with speed. At least young dudez, on the whole, go through that. Not to be gender-normative or anything like that you Gen Y’s!!!

Speed & youth, It matches the age and stage of a life cycle I think. And throughout life, you can have an appreciation for design, things made well with quality. Surely you know the story of Carroll Shelby by now. That’s right the Ford Vs. Ferrari dude. Just to be clear Carroll Shelby has nothing to do really with Dodge SRT but in my mind I see him as a formative figure in the development of the American muscle car, an innovator in the technology of going really fast really quick.

Ford vs. Ferrari

Well Carroll Shelby died in a Dallas hospital in May of 2012. He dead. But if they exhumed him, and wheeled him out of the ground, right there in his coffin… these days, chances are he would find a way, as a ghost, to slap some wheels on that puppy, a ridiculously over-powered engine and become the fastest damn ghost coffin racer alive or dead!!!

The Dodge or Chrysler or Fiat Maybe something or another SRT

So who was Carroll Shelby exactly? Well a fascinating man, no doubt, that crawled out of East Texas of all places on the globe. Let’s see what the Washington Post has to say abut the man, shall we?

“Carroll Shelby, a failed chicken farmer who roared out of the hills of East Texas to become a champion race car driver and the father of the muscle car, building some of the fastest and sleekest sports cars ever to hit the highway, died May 10 at age 89.

Mr. Shelby made and lost fortunes, trained pilots during World War II, ran a safari business in Africa and was married at least six times, but he is best known for his daring automotive achievements, first as a driver and later as a designer.

Fresh off his chicken farm, Mr. Shelby won the first race he entered in 1952 and, in short order, became the country’s leading sports-car driver. Once, hurrying to get to a race from his farm, Mr. Shelby didn’t have enough time to change out of his bib overalls. He got more attention for his outfit than for winning the race and, from then on, always wore overalls in the driver’s seat.”

Now that’s one bad arse MoFo!!! Dodge Demon SRT

Okay I’m not Mr. Muscle car guy… that ain’t I. But my son is. And a lesson I’ve learned in fatherhood is to not force your kids to adapt your passions (baseball!!) but instead go all-in on theirs. This with Father’s Day coming up and hoping for some kick ass gifts…I’m writing about muscle cars, of the SRT variety.

Now listen to this song!!!! LISTEN to IT… man!!!

A Love Ballad About Street Racing!!! Oh BOSS!!

Now look at these kewl carz… look at ‘em MAN or WOMAN as the case may be!!!

Now read this article about how cool Team Viper and all things SRT be!!!

And the future of all things cool & Dodge SRT. The 2022 Dodge Charger SRT Ghoul!! 1K Horsepower. That is like sitting in a bathtub, attaching some wheels to that there bathtub…. then getting some rope and hitching up 1000 horses to the tub and saying yeeee Haw!!!… giddy-up!!! That’s the SRT Ghoul for ya right there!!

All things fast. Good. For the most part.

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