692. Merry Cemetery, Romania

Dream if you will a picture. Of you and I engaged in a kiss (maybe in a cemetery while listening to the Cure)…. no wait, that went to a weird place, fast. Let’s start again, shall we?

Imagine a cemetery and now imagine yourself buried there. Granted, you’d be dead and all. Now tell me, would you rather be buried in a place like this….

Or this?

Again, would you rather be covered up with dirt…. totally 6 feet under, not buried alive in a spooky way but mostly dead really, would you rather have the ones who loved you & a few people who hated your living guts out… visit you here…

Or here?

Now let’s say for instance, your last dearly beloved friend or loved one passes away… for the rest of your life every Sunday visiting your mortal remains… would you rather them go to the cemetery and reminisce upon your remains and recount all of the wild and crazy times y’all had…. at a place like this…

Or this?

So what’s this thing all about? Every now and then I find something out there in the great world wide of webs, that’s just so interesting, quirky, and good. Well there’s this cemetery in Romania called the ‘Happy Cemetery’ vs. the way most cemeteries are around the world…. reverent, a bit spooky in all the afterlife imagery… Why in death, can’t we imagine a joyful mirthful place? Do we really have to go all floating among some fluffy clouds… just playing some harp like forever? Sounds like hell right?

Watch this!!

Here’s some stuff from this article and all I found. Maybe you want to read it. Maybe you don’t. I don’t know really.

“Death need not be dour. At this cemetery, the headstones are hilarious. Each of the 600 blue grave markers are inscribed with an amusing anecdote from the life of the person buried beneath—and, often, the details of their demise, accompanied by a cheery illustration. The frank epigraphs and bright colors make a refreshing change from the usual graveyard greys.”

Now here’s a different shot of those cool guys in robes. It has nothing to do with Happy or Merry Cemetery as the case maybe.

Now here’s a guy that appears died from smoking and drinking milk. It’s a cautionary tale. Don’t do that. Cows had to work hard to make that milk.

Now here’s an angel with freaky eyes. She has freaky eyes. Again, nothing to do with Happy Cemetery. Merry Cemetery. F it by now this post is too long.

Now this is just about the coolest photo I found. I like it.

The next two, freaky good right? Google Fine Arts photography and just about anything and the internet actually has some cool things. I’m not sure how the internets and the Worlds Wide of Webs does it.


Now I thought Merry Cemetery in Romania would be a cool place to hang out in. To read about those who passed away. Be happy among the dead. Why not? But then all of the tombstones are written in Romanian. Who does that? Evidently the internet says it’s this whole other country with this whole other language and there’s this thing called the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean (pending which way you go,) that’s in between here and there. Evidently they don’t even speak the English there. The gall. Stupid internet. I think it’s broke and don’t really even really knows what it speaks of anymore. Dumb, bad, internet. Stupid stupid naughty internet. I know the only one really reading this by now is Ma Swinn. Just so you won’t think your youngest and most favoritest son has completely lost it in Idaho. The “bad naughty internet” is a comedic cultural reference. It comes from this link below which seems to lead to a Monty Python video which is freaking funny. When stuff is underlined & in blue, just click on those little words and your thingy device that you like to read books on will take and play something funny. It’s the way the dumb naughty stupid bad internet works. Check it.

Merry Cemetery, Romania. A good thing. But that guy above and that smile… not so good right?? Not sure I’d want him around my dead loved ones. Not sure I’d want him around my children & all either.

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