691. 29

The GB’s New Miserable Experience

“Time won’t stand by forever,
If I know it’s true.
And I’ve learned not to say never,
Else I’ll seem the fool.
29, you’d think I’d know better,
Living like a kid.
Cause when my lies may seem less than clever,
It’s when I fall for it.” —GB

29 barely a memory
And the days and night wash over us since
And the lost ways in lost causes,
All become faint, the meaning and its loss, dense. —mas

“Only time will tell,
If wishing wells,
Can bring us anything.
Fade like scenes,
From childhood dreams.
Forgotten memories.” -GB

And the meaningless of life sometimes carries a heavy weight,
And gets lost in the suffering, it’s death-grip embrace,
And the days dark draw upon the moth and the flame,
A new day dawns leading behind a spark of a trace. —mas

“Some rides don’t have much of a finish.
That’s the ride I took,
Through good and bad and straight through indifference.
Without a second look.
There’s no intentions worthy of mention,
If never try.
So hang your hopes on rusted out hinges,
Take ’em for a ride.” -GB

And hope and hope and hopeless hope,
And the dawn and the day, there’s the arc of the Vikings bow, the fire, the flame,
As the arrow point meets the body hollow,
And from death an inferno, the sorrow and shame. —mas

A good thing.

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