734. David S. Pumpkins

It’s it’s own thing!

If you think about all the creatures and monsters that are truly scary, that strike fear into the heart of your soul. Surely Shelly’s Frankenstein comes to mind, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Wolfman, witches, zombies, maybe Donald Trump’s hairpiece. So many things to be frightened of. But then you realize David S. Pumpkins amps up that fear 100-fold and takes it to a whole new place. Who is he, What is he?… you may ask. He’s his own thing.

Mikey Day, Tom Hanks, and Bobby Moynihan

How’s it Hanging? I mean there are two beat-boy skeletons with him and they dance and get their asses slapped in the process. So if David S. Pumpkins is truly his own thing… then what are the skeletons??? Part of it, they are part of it of course.

Check It Mom! David S.

I mean with 100 Floors of Fright, they all can’t be good, can’t be winners. So you just may get 73 floors of David S. Pumpkins. And you may dance. And you may say…. Aaaiiiiii Pappi!!!!

David S. Pumpkins. A good, but truly frightening, thing.

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