733. Cat Island

Cat Island, Japan

Aoshima Japan. 16 people… thousands of cats. It used to be an active fishing village and had a silkworm trade agriculture thing going on. There used to be too many mice because of those industries. So what did people do? They brought in cats to take care of the mice problem. Now, if you are a dog person, they’ve got a cat problem. No more mice though.

What would happen if cats took over?
A whole island for cats?? Only in Japan.

Evidently there are 7-8 cat islands in Japan and Aoshima is just one of them. Now before we go, cool artwork featuring colorful cats. The internet is rife with them.

Cat Island, Japan. A good thing. Keep ‘em on islands and let the dogs take over the mainlands. Yeah baaaaabbbbby!!!! Yeah!!!!

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