761. Rain

Rain, Typical

Rain?? You may very well wonder, how is Z&Me going to pitch rain as a good thing this morning? For some of us, it’s the worst type of weather. For others, it’s the best. Rain replenishes the earth and gives grass an excuse to grow again. It’s the miracle liquid. Rain gives Ariana Grande an excuse to show off her chops. Rain, inevitably and inexplicably, gives beautiful women everywhere an excuse to dress up in a man’s white button down, white lingerie, some skimpy white summer dress…. basically some form of minimal clothing that features the color white, to go traipsing around in the rain and have their photos taken. It’s a thing, evidently.

Ariana Loves Her Some Rain

James Taylor and Adele prefer a little bit of Fire with their Rain.

JT and Rain
Adele’s Relationship to Rain, Right as Rain

And lastly, evidently, the excellent new wave pop rock band of the 80’s, the Welshmen, The Alarm, only prefer their rain in the summertime. But oh what a sound.

The Alarm Summoning Up Rain in the Summertime!!

Before we out and out declare rain to be such a good thing, let’s look at the weather currently here in Idaho, shall we? 44 and rain. 44 and rain people and it’s gonna be doing that biz for a few more hours here in Meridian.

Now let’s take a look at all the art inspired by rain and keep in Mind this only scratches the surface. Love in the rain. Dancing in the Rain. Pretty women wearing white in the rain though that last thing I don’t think is even really a thing… just a dude’s fantasy thing. I mean what woman is going to want to put on their knickers and go traipsing around in the rain like a complete and totes madwoman??? None. None, that’s how many. It ain’t a thing. A real thing. A real good thing.

Rain, it’s all a matter of perspective. Get some rain going and bam little league practices are all cancelled. Get yourself some rain and all your flowers will stand up, bloom, and worship the sky!! Rain, a good thing.

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