760. Sad Songs Say…

The Mixtape

Okay granted there is no end to get sad sobbing songs out there but really why would anyone want to listen to such a thing? And why would it be good? Hard to say really but music effects the mood. Find yourself feeling blasé and just listen to your “Happy Freaking Happy,” mix and feel the magic. Anxious? Turn on “Sublime Coolness Zentastic,” and feel the worries wash away.

What’s up with sad songs?

But sometimes you want music to match the mood and it just works. Like a salve. Seep into that melancholy, feel it, breathe it in, live and love there for awhile and come morning light… ahhhhh…. it will all seem better. Thank you music for their.

26 hours and 5 minutes of pure tear jerking sadness!!

Now that’s a playlist!!! And a labor of love. Better just wreck it while you check it.

Sad songs say… sometimes just what you need them to say. A good thing.

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