809. My House

My House: Tolle

Who needs a house up on a hill,
When you can have one on four wheels,
And take it anywhere the wind might blow?
You don’t ever have to mow the yard.
Just hang a map and throw a dart.
And pray to God the engine starts and goes.

Kacey Musgraves, Golden Texas Gal

Water and electric and a place to drain the septic,
Any KOA is A-OK as long as I’m with you.

Oh, Kacey Musgraves, oh Golden, Texas; Mineola High-educated, citizen of A-Town & 100% bonafide 100 percent Texan-Musgraves! Yeah she writes her own songs and has been performing in some capacity since age 8. K.C.

So come on hitch your wagon,
To the living room I’m draggin’,
If I can’t bring you to my house,
I’ll bring my house to you!!

Shawn Tolleson = Tolle. Both a closer for The Texas Rangers & the name of our RV… the nickname @ least. As I can recall Z&Me came with the nickname of “Tolle,” which is pronounced like one would thing… Tolly not Thule. Shawn Tolleson three the game winning ball to a young-ish boy (at the time at least) and that boy’s Father after closing down a close game with the Seattle Mariners… in Seattle!! That boy & that Father was Z&Me and after 40-odd years of my traveling on this blue and brown ball around the sun… it was the first time I’ve ever gotten a MLB baseball from an actual Texas Rangers game!! If you only knew how many countless hours my immediate family spent while I was growing up in Arlington, Texas bleachers between three different parks (3!!! People’s) and I never got a game ball you’d know how it’s such a big freaking deal!!! A big deal whichZ&Me (& Shawn Tolle) corrected. Screw or Jim Sundberg

In Washington, in Idaho,
In Oregon and away we go,
To Tennessee and Arkansas.
No we won’t stop ’til we’ve seen ’em all.

So what else could you ask for?

Water and electric and a place to drain the septic,
Any KOA is A-OK as long as I’m with you.

Songwriters: Kacey Musgraves / Joshua Shaun Osborne / Shane L Mcanally

– KC M. My House. A good thing.

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