808. Peaches??


There are so many things a peach can be… to you. A childhood memory of road trip vacations, 6 people in a car, all their luggage, cooler in the back, and peach stands in the valley or near wherever they grow peaches. Yeah, y’all know what I be talking about. A band, a brand, a state, a state of mind, a song, a longing, a butt—Peaches.


Peaches, an art punk band that may just question every convention you have held. Not for the faint of heart Sarah Johnson Swinney (Ma Swinn). If questioning social mores ain’t your thing, this ain’t your band.

Peaches, The Clothing Brand

Peaches, the brand, sure enough there’s a clothing company promoting the California Lifestyle. There must be two different companies because I found a PR release for some Peaches out of LA doing street car clothes. That image above doesn’t look to street to me.

Peaches the song here. Peaches the other better song by a band called “In The Valley Below,” here.

Georgia, The Peach Tree State

And Peaches, a State of Mind…??? Yeah, a got you covered. Georgia = The Peach Tree State. Georgia is a State of Mind where all the people are pretty and their words drip out off their peach pit mouths sweet as honey I do declare. Georgia on your mind now? At least Ray Charles was thinking about it… & singing about that State of Mind down there, in the deep & dirty South.

Peaches, most definitely can be a lot of things to a lot of people. What did I leave out?? They are a good thing. Butt oh yeah Peaches are the universal symbol and emojis for butts. Do I? Do I dare?? Why yes, yes I do. Ma Swinn don’t look at this one.

LOL! LOL’ing.

A good thing.

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