833. President’s Park

Somewhere There’s Tears, the Tears of George

Ever get stuck in quarantine and find unique and interesting places and think… hmmm… what would it be like to go there? To be there and see those things. President’s Park has two locations… one in the Black Hills in South Dakota and one in Virginia. Neither of which are open, both abandoned. In decay with no visitors. 43 presidents or 44, not sure how many they came up with.

So this whole thing seems like a perfect metaphor for our country. Great ideas, great potential, we have held onto what we thought America was all about & set up and built temples in our minds to it… but the modern day reality is more like an abandoned bust park where that once great potential is now collecting moss and falling apart as we are fractured and failing.

Sure when someone made & displayed these giant busts for each and every president you are going to get the James Buchanan’s, Andrew Jackson’s, Richard Nixon’s right along with JFK, Lincoln, Washington, and Obama. There was much to do about Trump getting one of his staffers to make a call to Mount Rushmore and explore what it would take to get Trump’s Orange face and bad toupee added to Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, & Lincoln’ faces on that South Dakota mountain the mix. I’m all for it. Paint Trump Orange. It would add some color. Something I feel Trump needs in his life. We’d have up there just like a rallying cry like “Remember the Alamo,” and “Least we forget.” Never again. Never again.

But maybe Trump does stand a chance and his likeness would better belong in both abandoned President’s Parks where his hollow head could just enjoy the long slow process of deterioration and decay so we can move on and forget all about this era of hatred and failed leadership. An “Ozymandias, King of Kings, Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!!” bust.

It’s time for our nation to heal and become great again like we were on the path to stay four years ago. Look where we are now. Reconciliation and healing and having this President become a past President, a dark dreary time behind us… all good things!

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