832. Embracing a Feck Up!

Stephan Feck’s 2012 London Olympics’ Dive

Let’s go back to a better time, 2012. Because really who wants to focus on the present. 2020 has proven to be a German Diver Stephan Feck’s massive Olympic back flop of a dive while the whole world looks on as a train wreck happens. It’s that bad.

2012 London Olympics

I mean how could a city like London not put on a great Olympics? You feel sorry for countries that are struggling economically that win their hosting bid but a country like the UK and a city like London won’t get set back permanently with unused facilities and infrastructure they had to build to host the world’s greatest athletes. But the Brazil’s of the world or even Spain, they are left with dilapidated buildings abandoned like a ghost town for years to come. You can tour the Barcelona Olympic facilities from 1992 and its just sad to see such massive buildings unused. But not London.

Psy & His Gangnam Style

In 2012 South Korea gave us Gangnam Style, Facebook was launched, Obama was in the White House & hope & optimism was still a thing. This was in the days before Trump came along trying to make America Great Again as if who is he to think it wasn’t great already!! Well, we see how all that’s turned out. 200K dead later and a mean-spirit spread across our land where it’s now okay & encouraged to slam anyone and everyone who disagrees with you or crosses your path. I’ve always said an organization’s culture reflects the personality of the person at the top and it’s no different in America.

Legalization of Same Sex Marriages

In 2012 same sex marriages were recognized giving same sex couples the same rights the rest of us enjoyed. Steps were taken to allow for the legalization of marijuana a drug that seems less harmful on the whole than alcohol. Healthcare had expanded to folks that couldn’t get coverage previously. Sure not everything was rosy and happy but it sure as shit was better then it is now. And we got Stephan Feck, German world class diver’s massive Feck Up of a back flop of a dive in London. Thank you Stephan as I don’t think people are remembering all the near perfect dives executed at the Olympics, but his dive is still worth talking about.

Score 0.0

What were the judges thinking awarding Feck 0.0 for his dive??? I mean what the Feck!!!???!!?? The comedic value for Feck to submit himself to that type of humiliation on the world stage needs to be recognized! I mean that takes some squeezed too tight in your diving speedos ballz to pull something like that off. Feck no doubt said to himself, “What can I do to keep the people entertained while these Olympics are just now getting boring?” Except of course he said it in German. I’ll give them one massive Feck up!

What’s the point? The point is to go easy on yourself. Embrace those times when you Feck up as we all no doubt will because of our humanness. It’s what you do when you crawl out of the water with a massively sore & reddened back that matters. Learn from those mistakes and keep trying. At least Feck wasn’t home on a couch laughing at other Fecked up dives. Embrace your Feck Ups learn to laugh at yourself. It’s a healthy good thing!

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