838. E-Boyz

E-Boys, the latest trend, catch it.

What even is an E-Boy? Well according to the Urban Dictionary, that very established American Standard of linguistic knowledge, an e-boy is: and I quote, “A boy who has black painted nails, skates, wears black clothes and chains and beanies, and they sometimes have their hair parted down the middle, and their usually really pale. They got striped Longsleeves or checkered sweaters under their T-shirt’s. They listen to music you “probably haven’t heard of” AKA Lil’ Peep. They complain about not having a goth girlfriend and seem to only exist on the internet (mostly Instagram and Tik Tok nowadays). In their room u will find LED strip lights hanging above their bed, and holes in their walls. Vans, thrasher, zumiez, and hot topics are their lord and saviour. Basically goth but they don’t get made fun of as much as someone who refers to themselves as goth since they are seen as cute by girls nowadays. They also think they are a poet and express their weird opinions on Twitter. Basically the boy version of the “I’m not like other girls saying.”

In conclusion, eboys r the new and improved goth cult that only lives on the internet. If u happen to see one in person, consider urself lucky cuz that’s close to impossible.”

By now you may be wondering still…what’s an E-Boy and why is it a good thing, and I’ve already wasted enough of my precious time clicking on this right proper shi-ite of a blog. Let’s not call it a blog shall we? Just Z&Me’s Good Things, that’s our branding after all.

Since the dawn of time, teenagers have been inventing some version of a sub-culture that gives them a sense of uniqueness and belonging. Something they have only come up with? In our day the version of the E Boy might have been Punks and Goths. However we didn’t have the internets at the times, only MTV. So we got such bands as the Cure and Sisters of Mercy. The goths gave as such things as this:

And this:

What have the E-Boyz given us?

We’ll never understand teens as our parents’ generation didn’t truly understand us. That’s the way of things isn’t it? Each generation comes up with their own thing that is uniquely their own. Forget that it’s just a modified trend of something that existed before. What’s the difference between an E-Boy and an Emo and Goth? We’ll E-Boyz don’t exist in the real world. They are busy at home growing pasty from lack of sunshine and are only known to the world through such E-Boyz platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and the like. They also are trend-setters and are in control of what’s cool in fashion. White & Black striped shirts, chains, so much black clothes…maybe some make-up. They are sad and want the world to know it…through the internet mind you. They take Xanie to get along. How is this different from the generations previous alternative movements? Not much, not much. But they have the internet. That’s what’s different. E-Boyz, a good thing.

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