837. 2020 Corona Times

We Will Remember This Year

Okay y’all ready to put some lipstick on this pig and dress it up? Grab your juicer and a bunch of lemons, time to see if we can make some lemonade. I’ll agree with you, pollyannaish optimism can sometimes be super annoying. Sometimes it’s better to exclaim, “it is what it is,” embrace the suck & just deal. I’m kinda tired of embracing the suck by this point.

Grab a Hijab and let’s Punch this thing shall we?

Optimism is something worth fighting for. We could just pitch a tent in pity city and live here but what good would that do? What has 2020, a year that will live on in infamy, given us? What good can possibly be found in it,

We have gotten some re-evaluation of the value of some under appreciated careers and the people that work in them. When you take the time to hear the stories of healthcare workers on the frontline of the fight against Corona you realize what a sacrifice care givers are making. We have struggled trusting science and medicine through this and some of the reaction against such things like masks, etc, I think is just the way collectively for us to move through Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief and sometimes we get caught up on acceptance. It has taken away our freedom and way of life and we are trying to find our way through to a new way of life. But when you hear of stories of care givers exposing themselves to the potential of infection daily and the their fear of having to be around their loved ones and potentially bringing that to them… there’s a deep deep appreciation for what they are doing during these times.

It may be overly optimistic, naively so, to think there could be this massive coming together as a result of the unprecedented challenges we are facing during Covid time. But think about it, this has been the only time in our lifetimes where globally humanity is going through a collective experience on the scale that Covid provides. We are all going through the same time and it’s hard not to feel that we are all in this together just doing the best we can.

The decline of America. How could this possibly be a good thing?? Look at any empire over history. The Romans, The Ottomans, The Moguls & Genghis Kahn, The British Empire, the Soviets, and there’s this certain inevitable arc. Let’s not hope this year and it’s election will result in Civil War but it’s not a far off possibility. Sure the outcome of the election could spell out the death of democracy something we thought wasn’t even a remote possibility in the grand ideas of America. I love the US of A as much as the next person so would never want to lose that feeling like we are the best country across the globe to live in. But the hard truths can be even harder to swallow. We no longer are that. A certain decline over history, as history tells us, is most certain. The question remains, we will approach the downward slide with a bang or a whimper. The Brits must just look on with knowing perspective… and say yes, yes, it’s happening. They eventually will be wiser for it. Time has yet to tell.

Humor. If you can’t find a way to laugh at all of this, you run the risk of it getting the best of you. Covid jokes anyone?

Let’s face it the ‘Rona virus is pretty cool looking. Like a white Death Star with these cute little flowers sprouting all about. Cute. So cute.

So maybe the ‘Rona times has given us some unexpected benefits. Forced us into self-improvement. Given us valuable time to be around those we love. Caused us to reconnect with others in unexpected ways when we can’t travel & see them in person. Given us time to learn how to be with ourselves again and get re-aquatinted with being comfortable in our skin. Allowed us the excuse to binge Netflix & discover what’s on Hulu. Drink live to the lees and drink more red wine. It’s good for the heart after all. Or drink enough to get you to the point of giving up alcohol (for the most part) all together (I mean for the most part).

Just don’t live in a ghost town though it may feel that way. Yummy!!! Tasty lemonade. A good thing. Think of all the great art that will come out of these times!! Think about it H.I.!!

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