859. The Paint Mines

Colorado Paint Mines

As we’ve searched for magical places, Z&Me’s Good things have traveled far and wide to Australia for pink lakes, to South America for painted reviews and phenomenal falls, to China for crazy-colored mountains, to East London for a IG ready wall… but what’s in our own back yard you may not have known about? A few hours out of Denver and C Springs and there’s the Paint Mines Interpretive Park.

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Oxidized iron deposits have left behind beautiful yellows and pinks striped through this chalky white limestone. Add in some water and wind for erosion to do its trick and you have a cathedral of awesomeness. Imagine going to all these places and touching the stone. Imagine walking through gullies and canyons as the sun trickles down and through the structures causing them to shape-shift before your eyes. Imagine a getaway where the world no longer seems an ugly place. Colorado Paint Mines.


In have a buddy in CO who does photography and write this: Four Blessed Paws. She posted photos on her trip to the Paint Mines and it captured my imagination. She goes by Kai or Kate which makes me think you should listen to this song by the Pixies: Catfish Kate.

Paint Mines

So get out there and explore your world. Touch the stone. It’s a good thing.

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