860. Iced Coffeee

Complete Package

What’s so freaking magical about iced coffee you may ask? Well for one, it’s coffee & caffeinated. We may figure out one day that, like the cocaine they used on Coke products in the early 1900’s, caffeine is equally addictive and harmful but not yet, for now it’s freaking legal so go to town before science found out it’s bad for us.

Sometimes when your iced coffee talks to you, maybe you need to cut down

For two, it’s freaking cool!! Cold you might say. On a hot Texas or Idaho summer day, do you want steaming hot coffee?? F no!! You want something soothing and relieving but yet energetic. Iced coffee is your answer. See now if becomes clear to you how it is good thing. You get it.

Better check it before it disappears!!

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