914. Grapes


Grapes. They are both the king and queen of the fruit. I mean you can’t get romantic on a picnic as your lady tilts her head back mouth skyward and feed her a whole watermelon. It just can’t be done, but grapes on the other hand. Grapes work.

Maybe she just wanted a grape & didn’t want to wait for them to be passed

Grapes, they are both the king and queen of fruit. Perfect pairing with cheese. Wait long enough and they’ll become wine revealing the subtleties of their variety and the terroir firma they are grown in.

Grapevine Fires by Death Cab

Hang out with grapes long enough and they’ll become wine. Try that with an apple and you got nothing but cider. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself some grapes next time you are in the produce section. Take them home and do something crazy, eat them. Even try throwing them up in the air and catching them in your mouth. Grapes, of the fruits, they are the champs my friend.

Even mice like them.

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