913. Remembering Better Times

I’m not trying to make this political only associating a time where our nation at large, and it’s people seemed to be in a much better place. Let’s look back to 3.5 years ago to now. Race relations seemed to be better, the economy was better, the sense that as an American your Maslow’s Hierarchy lower rung health and safety needs were met, where truth seemed to still be relevant. Due to COVID-19, the riots and protests following George Floyd’s death, and the collapse of our economy worse than Great Depression levels… I think both sides of the fence can agree, we are worse off than we were 3.5 years ago.

For SNL’s latest rendition of a satire on current times, click here.

So honestly, I don’t want to be political but leading up to this November, people are realizing it’s no longer okay to be silent. People will be making a stand one way or another. When so many retired military leaders are vocalizing opposition to the Trump administration, it may seem like come November he will be elected out. That’s far from a given. My conservative friends who I’ve tried to listen to with a very open mind don’t like the person that he is (for the most part) but just fear what the opposition would do in his place. I get that. If you think Joe Biden goes against your very core values, of course you are going to back anybody who runs against him.

But this is supposed to be about remembering a better time. And to stay away from the politics… there’s this thing I believe that people believe in… when things turn to shit, the person at top must be replaced. For my Texas friends, when Tony Romo and Touchdown Red-headed Jesus, Jason Garrett weren’t bringing you the Super Bowl trophy… and Jerry Jones is still alive…what did you scream out for?? Those two gotta go. But as Texans of the DF of W… you gotta realize that as long as Jerry Jones is alive (the person at the top) no more super bowl rings are ever going to come the Cowboy’s way. He proved that when he ran Tom Laundry out of town, then ran Jimmy Johnson out of town. Jerry Jones, like Trump, is a business man.

So remembering better times, that’s what this is about. And there’s a saying that history is important so you don’t end up repeating your mistakes. What historical parallels come closest to this modern age? I’d say The Great Depression, right before the Civil War, the Chicago Riots after MLK was assassinated. You think that’s an overly dramatic comparison? Folks who have lived through some of those events don’t think so. In fact compared to the post-MLK assassination riots to what’s going on now, I’ve heard them say now is a scarier time.

Here’s to remembering better days. Now it’s a time to no longer remain silent. It’s a time to act for change… just to keep hope, love, forgiveness, and understanding alive.

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