941. Writing

Writing. We all do it. Whether it be crafting that email at work, leaving notes on the fridge for the fam, a message in a greeting card, texting, FB Messaging, social media posting, it’s all around us. What does writing do for us? It’s an outlet at times, but it also gives you an outlet to express how you think or feel about something. You may not even know some thought had legs or was part of some greater realization you’ve come too without writing about it. Writing helps you with that. It can also lead to action. Maybe you write something down and that gets you to commit to that thing. Writing is powerful but doesn’t have to be heavy. It can be really whatever you want it to be.

Writing and it’s roles in these lives

When you write, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be thoughtful but it can also just flow. Try writing something to someone who is important to you, who has had an impact on your life, send it to them… or don’t but just the action and exercise of it will get you outside of yourself, to get it down, to let those thoughts be expressed. That’s writing. But send it, that person will appreciate and treasure that. Send it.

Phoebe Snow’s Poetry Man

Right now, I think I’ve written too much about writing. Sometimes words are better if they are to the point and don’t overstay their welcome.

So Many Words, So Little Time

Words are words and words are words and..

Each one bouncing like water glancing off of stone, melting snow high within

Mountain cathedrals, gathering gravity pulls

Into rock and slicing away at clay

Like slivered knives cutting into the earth of our skin

The water furiously culls up a rapid of rocks

And drop upon drop upon drop loosed into the air

A mist that you breathe in as your foot

Edges to the precipice of land leaving off

To water, you walk in.

Stripped away like lovers you once thought you knew

But as you float into liquid head and liquid heart

Among the moving dance of water and words

You let go.

You let go.



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