940. The Triple Espresso Macchiato

The Elusive Espresso Macchiato

I still remember when Seattle created Espresso. That was a great moment in world history. The Italians, contrary to popular belief, had absolutely nothing to do with it. It happened sometimes around ’84 and as I recall the espresso craze spread like spiderwebs out from Seattle in a radius. It made it to Boise about the same time grunge was taking over the world. You know Nirvana, Temple of of Dog, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam.

Espresso and Grunge, It will make you feel Alive

So we made the trek to Seattle, early 90’s, maybe ’93 and I waltzed up to an espresso stand and said… yep, give me an espresso. I looked in the cup and thought…hmmm, what’s wrong with this? There’s barely anything in there? That can’t be right!

The Espresso Macchiato, What it should look like.

So at some time the Espresso Macchiato was on the ‘Bucks’ menu. It no longer is. It’s different from a Cafe Macchiato or a Caramel Macchiato, those are watered-down candied-up drinks. What is it? It’s simply 3 shots of Espresso with some foamed up milk on the top. If you throw some steamed milk in the espresso… BAM… it’s ruined! You have to have that strong burned espresso shot taste with the fancy foam on the top. Sometimes the foam gets on your upper lip and you just keep it there and just laugh and laugh and laugh with all your friends with that milk foam on your upper lip. Don’t wipe it off, then the laughs stop, just keep it there. Hah, hah, hah, hah!!

Jordan Schlanzky and Conan Go Coffee Tasting

So what’s great about this drink is the strong strong manly burnt taste! And then that little bit of foam just balances it out. And then…. when you get that manly drink, it gets put in the smallest tiny tea cup you can find so there’s no way you can drink that thing in public and not become a laughing stock of everything that is un-masculine. It’s the most emasculating drink one can drink until you say to your bud (or your kids)…here, take a taste. And then hair starts to grow on their chest from the strong taste of the espresso. Life’s precious moments right there.

If you really want to know!

So this drink starts my day off. I roll out of bed, get on some type of mismatched clothing, drive to Human Bean, Black Rock, The Bucks, and sometimes egads… Dutch Bros. Then sip that thing and write out my Good Thing or the Musical Madness Match-up, and wake up to the world. It’s sublime. The drink has been a blessing and a curse. It’s really hard to order and I’ve found the best way is just to say… I’ll take 3 shots of espresso with some foam on the top. It usually works every time. I can tell when it’s gonna be messed up with some steamed milk when they start asking questions. One time, this gal in Hawaii did up the espresso shots and actually steamed up the espresso. But however it comes, I’m good with it. There’s espresso in there after all. So good. So good. Life’s good things without being too much a coffee snob.

Coffee Snobs Explaining the Macchiato

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