613. Kristen Bell & So Many Lies

Let’s see. Kristen Bell… hmmm… well… this “Good Thing, ” isn’t for this actress’ beauty, but instead for her humor. She is best known for roles in “Frozen,” as the voice (and singing voice) of Anna the lead character who shows great bravery and character. She was also in “Bad Moms,” and currently is in the streaming hit “The Good Place,” which Bell is the lead character along with Sam Malone (from the Cheers bar in Boston). Weird right?

Kristen Bell sings some frozen song

What else is interesting about this little ball of talent? She was born in 1980 making her quite the young pup at age 41. Bell, along with husband (and Zach Braff look-alike) Dax Shepard, make for some kind of Hollywood power couple with their acting and entertainment chops… and most of all their ability to make people laugh.

So other interesting things about Bell, she officially trained-educated in both drama and music. Her Mom was a nurse and her Father is a Vegas news director person. Middle-class background like the rest of us, not from Hollywood royalty or anything like that. She is a Detroit ‘burb gal and just comes across as a good & interesting person who has more talent than she probably knows what to do with. But that’s not the good thing. The good thing is this funny video about all of her secret tattoos she’s been hiding all these years!!!

Click this Ma but try to ignore the D-word joke contained therein. Ben made me do it!!!

Bell & so many lies. Funny and good, good and funny. Sounds like the movie candy Good n’ Plenty. Right? IKR??!!!


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