631. Bisa Butler Promise-Over : Deliver-Under

The title of this good thing can be misleading I know. First off, the artwork of Bisa Butler, is just so wheels off good. And then within the title, there’s this concept of “under-promising/over-delivering,” that is often used in workplace settings as a way to “manage expectations.” So here’s my disclaimer: in no way do I think Bisa under delivers. Quite the opposite actually. Love her stuff.

So race issues in America? We got problems, yes or no! Oh, we got problems. To be fair there are many other countries around the world that face racial and ethnic divides as well. Will it ever be perfect? Everyone getting along in peace, love and harmony… living by our core values: …. all people are created equal, & being human…. they should be treated as human with respect and dignity for the other (unalienable rights,) & among those rights are “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Can I get an amen all up in here??? Yes?? I can? Oh thank you for that.

No matter if you voted for Biden or Trump, left or right, Dem or Rep., most Americans can get behind something like the Bill of Rights. We all believe in most of that constitutional “Hoo Hah-Mambo Jambo-Jibberty Slibberty.” ;0)

So Bisa… well it would be cool if she was born in Ibiza, Spain but she wasn’t friends. See if ya can guess through musical hints?

Jersey Girl – Queen Latifah

“Cause Jersey’s what I think about when I think of home,

Don’t let know one get close to you except the chosen.

Stick with the ones who meant the most to you
when you were broke and blue, that’s how fam do.

That’s how you stay true around these snakes
that freakin’ smile when they hate you

It’s mad truth to the room where we the shit; I can’t forget

Teacher, teacher, tell me how you do it??

– Queen Latifah,

Well when I thought of Jersey, I thought of this guy & his ditty “Jersey Girl.”

Who’s The Boss??

What do we have in common as citizens of our country— our shared core values. Regardless of race, creed, religion, ethnicity, sex, socioeconomic status, etc. But are we a colorblind country? Hell no we aren’t. You’d have to actually be blind (no offense intended sight-impaired readers) to not notice that we are all different, unique individuals sharing common values.

And that’s the point right there. It feels VERY divided in America right now and it’s gonna continue. Whatever topic, race, religion, sex, politics, gender equity… we’ve lost the ability to have open, honest, respectful discourse. The last thing you need is yet another amateur blogger on a street corner soapbox ranting.

But if you think I voted for Biden or Trump, you are reading this right now very differently. It’s just the way it is. But the real work towards healing after we all have been through almost 2 really shitty years… is in the middle. Let’s meet in the middle and cover ourselves in those “QUILTS,” Bisa Butler created. Yeah that’s right, that’s not digitally graphic artwork, that’s Quilts that Jersey Girl created & they are pretty freaking cool peeps.

So Under Promising and Over Delivering??? Let’s all expect our country to break out in civil war in modern times shall we? A case could be made that we ain’t too far off. But that’s fear-based thinking right there. When we don’t find ourselves looking at our Twitter feeds, FB stories, and IG pics of city race riots and George Floyd, and maybe a storming of the White House?, Capitol?? That last word was intentionally Capitalized just for y’all grammarians out there who LOVE LOVE all the Rulez!!! ;0)

Good Thingz!!!

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