727. Maral Javadifar

Tampa Bay Bucs Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach – Maral Javadifar

This Super Bowl featured women in key positions, two coaches for Tampa Bay & one official. It’s cool to see non-traditional people in career fields that have been dominated by men. Maral Javadifar stands out as she is from Persian hailing from Queens, New York.

Here’s her bio from the Buccaneers’ website.

Maral Javadifar enters her second season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020, where she serves as assistant strength & conditioning coach.
Javadifar completed her sports physical therapy residency at Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to her time at VCU, Javadifar worked as a performance physical therapist in the Virginia/DC area. Her passion lies in the interplay between rehabilitation and training. She believes in an athlete-centered model that is focused on maximizing the potential of each player. She has a background in different forms of manual medicine, load management, physical assessments and motor learning.
A native of Queens, New York, Javadifar played college basketball at Pace University in New York. After receiving a bachelor of science degree in molecular biology from Pace, Javadifar then earned her doctor of physical therapy degree from New York Medical College.

Jamal Javadifar made it happen, part of the super bowl winning team… a strong team thanks to her. A good thing.

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