997: The Himalayas


Okay, I’ve never been to the Himalayas but it’s on a bucket list to go. I don’t have the death wish of climbing Everest or Annapurna or K2. Nope, ain’t gonna happen. What I do very much want to do (need to do) is go on a hike/sojourn, multi-day through the Himalayas. I’m thinking get to Everest Base camp and just see it. I would also be content with just seeing the mountain.

Most every winter I read a mountain tragedy book. I love them. Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer makes a top 10 booklist for me. I read it in one night and even worked with Beck Weathers’ daughter Meg at Essilor. I’ve read about K2, Annapurna, this mountain range speaks to my soul. All you have to do is google pics of The Himalayas and it’s hard to not feel some sense of spirituality or wonder at what was created and the sense of being in a place like that.

Love to be that hiker

Until I can get there, I’ll be satisfied with climbing around our home state mountains, the Sawtooths, the Pioneers, the White Clouds, hell even the Boise Range & our own backyard mountain Squaw Butte. If I get a bug I think about going to the Tetons or maybe Utah’s ranges, there’s this one in Southern Wyoming I have my eye on, and definitely Strawberry this summer with Leon Pielstick.

The Himalayas are the earth’s newest mountain range, are still growing, and have the third largest deposits of snow and I’ve behind the Arctic & Antarctica. To me it’s a place of wonder & gives me a sense of how small I am in this life, in this world, in this universe. For some reason that makes any struggle seem trivial & better.