566. Pike’s Peak

Pike’s Peak, Colorado

Sitting overlooking the city below, you can see the top of Pike’s Peak from most places in Colorado Springs. They have a racing car hill climb, a marathon, I’m sure a few bike rides. It’s unique at 14,115 feet as one of the few mountains that high you can drive to the top. The other is Mount Evans, also in Colorado.

And even more so, check out the nature you get to see on the way up…

For a getaway with all the views, Pike’s Peak is hard to beat, whether taking the Cog Railway up from Manitou, hiking the Barr Trail, or driving… you’ll get a greater than 20 – 30 degree dip in temp at the top. But fantastic views.

Mountain Goats on Pike’s Peak

The road to the top is a feat of engineering and one of the smoother mountain roads I’ve been on. If you are in the area, don’t miss a trip to the top.

Pikes Peak. Mmmm Mmmm good!

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