573. Happy Kelli

Kelli Erdmann

Kelli Erdmann is Tik Tok famous for a good reason. She has a brand going… a happy feel good vibrant color energetic vibe. And it’s not just her alone. It’s a team. Of course it’s her persona and her way of making her dance training come out front and center always with a smile, dancing with joy. But what makes it stand out is the video editing that pops bright colors with Kelli’s jumpsuit changing colors throughout the moves. Add that to the jump camera angles and elevations that move to the moves of the dance and you have something wholly unique.

Happy Kelli & Kashua Campbell

Kelli went to Los Angeles after High School in Marysville, Washington. She started dancing at age 5 and it led her to the Edge Performing Arts Center’s Professional Scholarship training program. It obviously gave her the moves. And then her husband, Freeman Butler, dabbled in video editing and together during some down time due to Covid-19, they came up with a formula that went viral.

Kelli Erdmann doing what she does best!!

Kelli Erdmann has collaborated with so many other dancers out there. It you are a recognized dancer on Tik Tok chances are Kelli has danced with you, elevating the whole not just the individual.

Kelli not only does Tik Tok dancing, outside of that, she has professional dancing credits… Wicked on Broadway, “Glee,” and “Hairspray Live!”)

The Girl Can’t Help It!!

It’s hard not to be in a happy mood watching these. Happy Kelli. Good things!!

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